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DAMAGED! (Fermentation) Katie Quinn. Cheese, Wine, and Bread: Discovering the Magic of Fermentation in England, Italy, and France.

DAMAGE: Corners bumped

Delicious staples of a great meal, bread, cheese, and wine develop their complex flavors through a process known as fermentation. Master craftspeople dedicate their lives to creating the best of the best of each—from cheesemongers in London to boulangeries in France to family-run vineyards in Italy, following methods and techniques that have been honed and passed down for centuries.

Katie Quinn spent months as an apprentice with some of Europe’s most acclaimed experts to study the art and science of fermentation. Written with her characteristic charm, Cheese, Wine, and Bread is a fascinating look at how each product is made, from harvest through fermentation. Visiting grain fields, vineyards, and dairies, Katie brings the stories and science of these foods to the table, explains the process of each craft, and introduces the people behind them. 

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