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Adrienne Borlongan Author Talk • The Wanderlust Creamery Presents: The World of Ice Cream

Sunday July 28th at 3:00pm

A note about our in-store events:

We offer first come, first served seating in our shop. There will be overflow room outside if needed and the author will be mic'd. Everyone is welcome to attend.

You can pre-order a copy below for pick-up at the event or purchase copies on-site.


Adrienne Borlongan — Wanderlust Creamery is Los Angeles’ artisanal ice cream concept driven by a travel destination theme created by business partners Adrienne Borlongan and Jon-Patrick Lopez. The two were inspired by their own feelings of wanderlust, which exists in every flavor they craft from scratch. Each flavor is crafted from memories of places they’ve traveled to growing up or places they desire to explore. Borlongan is a food scientist by trade, flavor connoisseur by passion, and ice cream maker by blood. The granddaughter of a flavor chemist from Magnolia Ice Cream, Adrienne studied Food Science at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) and worked for SBE Hospitality as a bartender. These life experiences were instrumental in developing her palate and understanding of flavor theory which she now applies at Wanderlust Creamery by globalizing palates with unique, yet oftentimes familiar, ice cream flavors.

Lopez majored in Business Administration at CSUN and continued his studies to become a prominent litigation attorney. Though he found success in the legal practice, his true passion for hospitality led him to becoming a restaurateur - channeling his organizational strengths and entrepreneurial spirit. 

Wanderlust Creamery prides itself on their technique of ice cream making and use of quality ingredients. The menu consists of 11 signature flavors and a monthly rotating selection of seasonal flavors that include vegan and dairy-free options. House-favorites include Sticky Rice + Mango, Japanese NeapolitanTM (matcha, hojicha, black sesame), and Ube Malted CrunchTM. Waffle cones are made in-house and feature two flavor options: ube and brown butter. 

Dianne de Guzman is the current deputy editor for Eater SF. She previously worked as the Food + Drink editor for SFGATE, and before that served as a public safety reporter for the Vallejo Times-Herald, a writer for SFist, and a web producer for the Los Angeles Times. She is a graduate of UC Berkeley and the University of Southern California and she grew up in the Bay Area.

The World of Ice Cream With a family background in ice-cream making and a degree in food science, the flavor chemist behind LA-based Wanderlust Creamery, Adrienne Borlongan, turned her interest in recipe development and travel into a successful ice cream business. She and her husband, JP Lopez, started Wanderlust in 2017, and they now have seven stores that feature a rotating selection of around 400 different seasonal/regional flavors throughout the year. From reinvented classics with Asian flair like macadamia kona latte to bestselling Wanderlust flavors like oolong pineapple cake to “rice creams” like sticky rice mango and more, fans just can’t seem to get enough of their unique concoctions.

And with The Wanderlust Creamery Presents: The World of Ice Cream, ice cream enthusiasts will be able to learn the basics of ice-cream making and the science behind creating balanced flavor profiles. Featuring 80 deeply researched and developed ice cream flavors, this ultimate ice cream guide is full of recipes that celebrate the flavors, ingredients, and cultures from around the world. Making mouthwatering, one-of-a-kind global flavors from the comfort of your own home—no matter your skill level—has never been easier.