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AUTHOR EVENT! Tues. Oct. 10. Elizabeth Poett in conversation with Georgia Freedman. The Ranch Table: Recipes from a Year of Harvests, Celebrations, and Family Dinners on a Historic California Ranch. 6:30 P.M. FREE TO ATTEND!

Pre-order a signed copy here. Ships after October 10. We'll also have plenty of copies on hand to purchase at the event.


From the star of Magnolia Network’s popular show Ranch to Table—a stunningly beautiful cookbook celebrating a year on a ranch on the California coast, featuring simple yet festive recipes, inspiring menus, and fascinating culture and history.

Elizabeth Poett was raised on Rancho San Julian, a 14,000-acre ranch on Santa Barbara’s Central Coast that her family has been working since 1837. Her years are structured around the land’s natural rhythms and annual events: celebrations big and small, harvests, and work days that bring her family and community together—and always end with large meals for everyone to share. Elizabeth feeds her friends and family with seasonal ingredients—including vegetables and meat grown and raised on the ranch and fish from California’s Central Coast—barbecuing tri-tips, turning local cod into tacos, and using heirloom tomatoes and summery eggplant into delicious, family friendly pastas.

Much like Elizabeth’s life, The Ranch Table is also organized around the work and celebrations that take place on the San Julian throughout the year, giving readers and cooks a chance to dive into the ranch’s most important workdays, family traditions big and small, and annual celebrations. Each chapter begins with a description of an event or a special day—the work of a branding, the joys of the annual family reunion, the fun of a fall cider press, the quiet beauty of a winter evening spent at the kitchen table—and invites you to join in on the day with both beautiful photos of the ranch today and archival images of its past. 


About the moderator:

Georgia Freedman is an Oakland-based journalist and cookbook author and the co-author of The Ranch Table. She has previously written two cookbooks, including Cooking South of the Clouds—Recipes and Stories from China's Yunnan Province, which was included in the New York Times' "Best New Cookbooks 2018" list, and has written and edited for a variety publications, including Food & WineSaveur, and the Wall Street Journal. She is also the author of "The California Table" newsletter on Substack.


A note about our in-person events:

Event capacity is 50 people, first come, first served and standing room only. Masks are optional. 

As always, signed books will be available for anyone who wants one. If you can't make it to the talk, pre-order a signed copy of the book and we'll ship it to you. Pre-order a signed copy here. Ships after October 10. 

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