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Bebe Black Carminito Author Talk • The Curated Board: Inspired Platters & Spreads for Any Occasion

Thursday September 5 at 6:30 pm

A note about our in-store events:

We offer first come, first served seating in our shop. There will be overflow room outside if needed and the author will be mic'd. Everyone is welcome to attend.

You can pre-order a copy below for pick-up at the event or purchase copies on-site.


Bebe Black Carminito is a food stylist, recipe developer, content creator, and professional makeup artist. She co-runs and oversees three global cookbook clubs. Her foray into cookbooks was The California Date Cookbook, as well as styling for 52 Shabbats. Bebe attended the San Francisco Cooking School and started her culinary career at A16, an acclaimed restaurant in San Francisco. She resides in San Francisco in her teeny-tiny apartment with her husband and best friend, David Carminito.

Clare Langan is a professionally-trained chef, culinary expert and video producer. With a focus on everyday ingredients and pro technique, Clare inspires people to cook more confidently at home with recipes, product recommendations and video content. Past roles include Resident Chef at Sur La Table, TV Culinary Producer for the award-winning series Scraps, Culinary Trend Director at World Market and Editorial Director at Feedfeed. Currently, Clare is the Content Director for Williams Sonoma in San Francisco, CA.

The Curated Board: Inspired Platters for Any Occasion elevates the art of composing a delicious small-bite meal out of simple recipes and thoughtfully selected ingredients. From family breakfast and afternoon tea to date night and game night, food stylist Bebe Carminito presents more than 35 themed boards and platters with over 50 effortless, homemade recipes, suggesting perfect pairings along with styling tips for optimal presentation. Carminito’s feasts also include globally-influenced boards from a diverse array of culinary influencers that celebrate their gastronomic heritage. These fun and easy-to-prepare spreads—which can be as simple as opening a few jars, tearing open a bag or two, and artfully presenting your selections with delights such as Pickled Champagne Jalapeños, Marinated Citrus and Herb Olives, Basil Gimlets, and Dill and Artichoke Dip—will have you pulling out your platters and boards, making the most of your pantry, and gathering with loved ones around a cornucopia of delectable finger foods.