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(Magazine) Lucky Peach. Issue 14. Obsession.

Lucky Peach is a quarterly journal of food and writing. Each issue focuses on a single theme, and explores that theme through essays, art, photography, and recipes.

Obsession is the theme of Lucky Peach #14.

This issue highlights both our obsessions, and those of true obsessives. We’re obsessed with Tartine’s Chad Robertson, who shares about his obsessions with ovens and pizza; we learn to make gnocchi with Marco Canora, Mark Ladner, and David Chang. We go digging around in the past of chef Jeremy Fox, formerly of the Michelin-starred Ubuntu. We talk to a sake sommelier and a pizza burlesque dancer. Todd Kliman writes the story of his life in pork. We look into America’s love for playing Monopoly at McDonald’s; why West Virginia is for ranch dressing–lovers; and what James Bond ate.

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