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Paco Torreblanca. Radix.

Famed Spanish Pastry Chef Paco Torreblanca's Radix is organized in six sections or chapters, each beginning with a base recipe and explanation of its characteristics and then follows with master recipes and a plethora of variations featuring a wide variety of ingredients like chocolate, fruits and nuts, and different types of flours and grains. 

Radix is in Spanish and English with gorgeous photography.

From the publisher:

Thus we find the crispy sablés doughs, which leads to the all-purpose tartelettes; puff pastry, with which the unbeatable millefeuille is made but also some interesting soufflé tarts; the fluffy pâte à choux, with which eclairs and petit choux are formed; the essential sponge cakes, with which the sheet cakes are assembled; the wide range of baked doughs, with which the so-called travel cakes are made; and the airy mousses, creams and crémeux, with which the so-called entremets are assembled. In each of these chapters, the reader will especially find the specific recipes that characterize it. For example, in the chapter on sablés, the formulas of the different types of this dough can be found, as well as those of the fillings that are also baked with them. And it also happens when it comes to puff pastry, sponge cakes or pâte à choux. The rest of the recipes are ordered in a final recipe index which is often referred to from each of the preparations throughout the book.

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