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(***MAGAZINE***) Speaking Broadly Zine: Conversations with Humanity.

A new magazine from Dana Cowin.

For those who like to feed their inner lives as well as have fun and fuel dreams of exceptional experiences. At its heart, Speaking Broadly is about the generosity of women and awe of the whole human existence—from humor to heartbreak. 


In my role as the Editor in Chief of Food & Wine magazine (1994-2016), I celebrated life through the lens of exuberant eating, drinking, traveling. After I left F&W, I transitioned from a world I knew well (traditional media) and embarked on a new path. I launched a podcast, Speaking Broadly on Heritage Radio Network, to learn from extraordinary women (and a few male allies) and established a coaching and consulting business in hospitality helping others find their way.

Without planning it, becoming, changing, evolving as a human became as important to me as knowing the best place to eat or new people to champion. On this journey, I have found an entire community of fellow travelers. This zine is for you, for those who like to feed inner lives as well as have fun and fuel dreams of exceptional experiences.

My partner in this project is Creative Director Meagan Bennett who developed the ecstatically original and vibrant visual identity. Meagan considered the essence of every story before translating it into a design that exudes warmth, uplift and pleasure. She also produced postcards to share the love.

Written in late 2019 by people who appeared on the Speaking Broadly podcast, and put on hold because of the pandemic, this zine is a time capsule. In reviewing the content in 2022, I came to believe that the themes—love, loss, personal growth, joy, food—are timeless and still relevant. 

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