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(Vegetarian) Jean Johnson. Hippie Kitchen: A Measurefree Vegetarian Cookbook.

Hippie Kitchen is set clearly in the new model of kitchen companion cookbooks. Rather than a compendium of paint-by-numbers recipes it offers inspiration, enthusiasm, and tips. That's because we're increasingly going to the internet for dinner recipes. So now, instead of cookbooks filled with recipe after recipe, we want cooking books, friendly kitchen companions, that will entice us back into our kitchens. We'd probably cook more, says author and food historian Jean Johnson, if it wasn't a paint-by-numbers exercise. And why should the elite cooking authorities get to have all the fun? This is simple everyday food. The same delicious food women around the world have been making for centuries-food that's light years beyond brown rice. And it's easy. You start with an idea and pretty soon you're rocking & rolling. Laced with rock & roll lyrics, Hippie Kitchen: A Measurefree Vegetarian Cookbook is the second title in Johnson's measurefree cookbook trilogy. 

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