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(Mexican) Manuscript Cookbooks. Rivero, V. Herencia de Sabores; Delicias y Sabores.

2 volumes, both thick paper bound-in to older leather boards, one gilt bordered acid calf, the other old sheep. Both volumes contain passed down recipes of the Rivero family of Puebla, the first, according to the handwritten title page, from the author's mother and grandmother, the other from the author's mother. One is 50 pages of recipes the other 42, both with pasted-in period illustrations on the endpapers and title pages. The first volume dated 1888, the second 1889.
A fascinating collection of recipes collected from a single family in 19th century Mexico. Reportedly, the Riveros ran a restaurant in Puebla around the turn of the century. Most of the recipes take up a few pages and are very detailed: Atole de Fresa, Champurrado de los Mayas de Convento de puebla Santa Clara (the convent of Santa Clara is reputed to be the birthplace of rompope, a sort of eggnog drunk during the holidays, but must have been famous for their champurrado as well), buñuelos Veracruzanos, caracoles a la montañesa (an old Cantabrian recipe), chalupitas de crema y polla, chilaquiles de santa anita, enchilada de pulque, tacos jalisco, jamoncillos de fresas, manjar del cielo, manjar de monjas de Puebla, postre de camote y peran de California, a number of puddings and buscachos - many of these are dishes and convent sweets that you rarely see in cookbooks, printed or manuscript; a unique and rich collection of 19th century Pueblan recipes. 

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