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AUTHOR EVENT! Wed. Oct. 19. Andrea Gentl. Cooking with Mushrooms: A Fungi Lover's Guide to the World's Most Versatile, Flavorful, Health-Boosting Ingredients. Interviewed by Emma Lipp, chef + owner of Valley. 6:30 P.M. FREE (PRICE LISTED IS FOR THE BOOK)!

Called "a fungus-lover's delight" by Carla Lalli Music, COOKING WITH MUSHROOMS: A Fungi Lover's Guide to the World's Most Versatile, Flavorful, Health-Boosting Ingredients by award-winning food and travel photographer Andrea Gentl features nearly 100 recipes that unlock the powerful flavors and health-giving properties of the world’s most magical ingredient.  

Focusing on a dozen of the more accessible, cultivated varieties as well as a few wild mushrooms, recipes include Morels on Fried Sourdough with Smashed Favas and Peas, Roast Chicken with Miso-Mushroom Butter, Golden Tonic Elixir with Turmeric Mushrooms and Black Garlic, King Trumpet Schnitzel, 'Shroomy Nut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies, and Maple-Mushroom Ice Cream with Salty Mushroom Caramel.  In addition to these sumptuous, healing dishes, COOKING WITH MUSHROOMS delves into:    

  •  The different varieties and flavor profiles of mushrooms. Some are mild, others are briny, some have strong, earthy flavors, while others taste of sweet maple syrup. Ranging from a dark inky indigo to white, black, brown, gray, orange, and all colors in between, they are often adaptogenic and high in protein and minerals, as well as B and D vitamins. 
  •  Notes on storing, pricing, cleaning, and prepping, along with how to tell when a mushroom is at its peak freshness  
  •  How to grow your own mushrooms  
  •  How to make and use dried mushrooms, along with how to create your own mushroom powder   
  •  A list of larder essentials and how to make them, from Miso Mushroom Butter to Rustic Maitake Lovage Walnut Pistachio Pesto to Miso Mushroom Popcorn Dust  

Beautiful, flavorful, and mysterious, mushrooms are an incredibly versatile ingredient, equally able to be humble or elevated. Every one of Gentl’s recipes celebrates this, expanding readers’ ideas of how to use this mystical ingredient as both a food and a flavor, a seasoning, and the star of the plate. And the package is absolutely gorgeous too.  

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