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Kiano Moju Author Talk • AfriCali: Recipes from My Jikoni

Tuesday August 20th at 6:30pm

A note about our in-store events:

We offer first come, first served seating in our shop. There will be overflow room outside if needed and the author will be mic'd. Everyone is welcome to attend.

You can pre-order a copy below for pick-up at the event or purchase copies on-site.


Kiano Moju was born in Oakland, California, to a Maasai-Kenyan mother and Nigerian father, who both moved to the U.S. in their early adulthood. Inspired by a love for chemistry inherited from her father, a biochemist, Kiano found herself drawn to her mother’s side in the kitchen, intrigued by the science of cooking and the culture that surrounds it. From several summers on her grandparents’ ranch in Kenya to taking cooking classes throughout her young adulthood, Kiano's love for food stemmed from a young age. After graduating with a Masters of Publishing from the University of The Arts in London, Kiano began her career in food media, acutely aware of the industry’s lack of diverse representation and determined to create space for more cultures and voices. During her time as a video producer at Buzzfeed’s Tasty, Kiano helped bring its production from majority-minded content to a breadth of recipes from various cultures.

In Late 2019, she launched her own full-service production company, Jikoni Studios, which has produced cooking videos & commercials for industry giants such as Food Network, Fox Studios, Tastemade, the USDA, and many more. Kiano also founded the non-profit organization Jikoni Recipe Archive, which documents the legacy of African and Black cooks, both old-school and new-school, while amplifying and celebrating their vibrant food cultures. It is a culinary beacon for African and Black cuisine that curates the resources to amplify these food identities while preserving them for generations to come. Through her work, and with the release of AfriCali, Kiano carves out space in food media for underrepresented voices and cultures, challenging existing norms and championing inclusivity.

AfriCali: Recipes from My JikoniKiano Moju was born to a Kenyan mother and a Nigerian father and raised in California. While she spent her summer breaks in Kenya, her home in the states during the school year held African house parties where Nigerian jollof rice, moin moin (steamed bean cakes), roasted chicken legs, and plantains were a common part of life. On weekends and special occasions, they would make Kenyan dishes like samosas, sauteed collard greens, barbecued meat, and other favorites from her childhood including Ethiopian and Eritrean recipes. As Kiano says, “Californian cuisine embraces the flavors of its immigrant communities while celebrating the state’s agriculture and the flavors of fresh produce,” and that’s the concept behind her cooking.

AfriCali is not a traditional cookbook, but rather one inspired by the delicious meals Kiano has experienced in life. The gorgeous food photography as well as photos from the author’s travels in Africa make this a cookbook like no other. Dive in and enjoy the delicious, unique meals that the whole family will love.