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(Professional - French) Michel Tanguy. Galettes.

Exceptional recipes from the greatest chefs explained step by step!


20 chefs' recipes: chocolate frangipane pancake by Jacques Génin, almond cream and cashew pancake by Pablo Gicquel (Hôtel de Crillon), almond-pistachio pancake with passion juice by Guy Krentzer from Lenôtre , galette with pink pralines by Richard Sève, sesame-halva galette by Myriam Sabet from Aleph, maple syrup galette by Nicolas Bacheyre, matcha green tea galette and red bean paste by Masatoshi Takayanaki, crown of kings by Yann Roofer. 

Notes on ingredients and equipment along with detailed step-by-step photos to understand all the stages of making international versions of the iconic galette du roi!


In French. 

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