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(Pastry) Cacao Barry Pastry Chefs. The Alphabet.

Spanish Import.

To keep pushing the boundaries of flavour and elevate chefs' creativity, the team of Cacao Barry® pastry chefs has developed a collection of practical recipes rooted in our French pastry heritage and the desire for bringing a progressive approach to pastry.

We brought together our Cacao Barry® chefs to assess and certify the basic recipes to provide chefs with the most reliable guidance to master French pastry.

Crèmes, biscuits, dough, glazing...

"The Pastry Alphabet" is Cacao Barry's seal of guarantee to mastering pastry basics with the most simple yet effective elements of pastry.

The Pastry Alphabet: DNA of your creativity.

All creativity begins with mastering the basics. Discover The Pastry Alphabet, our collective effort to offer chefs a complete guidance to all the key basic recipes to master french pastry.

The Pastry Alphabet is a product of The Lab. 

The LAB is Cacao Barry’s creative department, directed by Ramon Morató and dedicated to research and innovation in pastry. Its main objective is to explore and share new techniques, products and trends through different inspiration projects. Through its own creative approach, The Lab generates knowledge whose ultimate goal is to inspire and elevate chefs' creativity around the world.

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