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(***Magazine***) Toothache Issue 04

Toothache issue four takes us to Mexico City, Texas, New Orleans, Nashville, Atlanta, San Francisco, Spain, London, and Italy, where we spoke to a wide range of chefs and pastry chefs. A magazine made entirely by chefs; this issue aims to give some of the media power back to chefs and allow them to share whatever content they'd like. In response, these chefs offered us personal looks into their crafts and thoughts. Do chefs work too much, and how important is work-life balance? We dive deep into some of these essential questions with a mix of in-depth interviews and conversations paired along with full-page photographs and recipes. Whether or not you live and breathe kitchen life, Toothache issue four is a great read.

This issue includes:
Jorge Vallejo - Quintonil • Merlin Labron-Johnson - Portland, Clipstone • Julia Sullivan - Henrietta Red • Ryan and Matthew Poli - Catbird Seat • Nina Compton - Compere Lapin • Zach Meloy - Pulpit Suppers • Justin Yu - Theodore Rex • Andrea Dopico - Alabriga Hotel & Home Suites • Tavel Bristol-Joseph - Emmer and Rye, Henbit • Caitlyn Jarvis - Henrietta Red • Greg Mindel - Neighbor Bakehouse • Silvia Federica Boldetti

This issue also includes an in-depth feature on canneles by Toothache creator and pastry chef, Nick Muncy. To break down the process and find the perfect cannele recipe, Nick brought in the help of Shawn Gawle, Thomas Raquel, and Kriss Harvey, where he then tested different mixing methods, flours, resting times, and baking temperatures.

Toothache 04 is a 128-page perfect bound publication (Printed in Canada using paper from responsible sources and 100% carbon neutral.)

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