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Green Fig and Lionfish: Sustainable Caribbean Cooking (Allen Susser)


Bringing together the allure of the Caribbean Sea and island life, Chef Allen Susser offers savory and sustainable seafood recipes using seasonal and unusual ingredients. While most of the recipes call for lionfish, you can substitute any kind of seafood.

Eat fresh eat local. Cooking seasonally and locally takes advantage of the best-tasting ingredients at peak ripeness. Chef Allen Susser, dubbed the “Ponce de León of New Florida Cooking” by the New York Times, expertly and effectively teaches us how to blend the spices of the Caribbean into our cooking while using easy-to-understand techniques.

Enjoy a meal that helps our environment. The lionfish population has been threatening the balance of marine life and damaging coral reefs. By incorporating these delicious and nutritious fish into recipes, we can help ease the pressure on surrounding native fish and their fragile ecosystems.  Discover dishes such as lionfish coconut ceviche, pan roasted lionfish with passionfruit, banana leaf grilled lionfish, and spicy lionfish tacos with mango chow chow.