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(*NEW ARRIVAL*) (Baking) Edd Kimber. Small Batch Bakes: Baking cakes, cookies, bars and buns for one to six people.

Baking recipes typically serve large groups of people, perfect for a party, a celebration, a crowd. But what about when you just want one cookie and you don’t want to spend the money on making a big batch, or don’t have the people to share them with? Sometimes you just don’t want to be faced with leftovers you need to eat for the rest of the week.

Small Batch Bakes, great for singles, small households, students or anyone who likes to bake a lot. The recipes serve one, two, four or six and are predominately sweet but also include savory varieties that would be perfect for a lunch or impromptu picnic. The skill level is naturally on the easier side, and equipment needed kept to a minimum, something that will be welcomed by many people baking just for themselves.

"The lone-dweller, in need of the balm that only a freshly baked biscuit can provide, is faced with a most unsatisfactory choice: do without or make a batch big enough to keep a huge hungry household happy." - 
Nigella Lawson, Cook, Eat, Repeat

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