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(**PRE-ORDER**) (Mediterranean) Hanady Nabut. Mediterranea: A Vibrant Culinary Journey Through Southern Europe, North Africa, and the Eastern Mediterranean. EXPECTED JULY 19, 2022

Readers are sure to fall in love with Hanady Nabut’s simple but exquisite recipes, inspired by her Palestinian/Spanish background, her profound knowledge of the region’s food and culture and her travels in the Mediterranean. From enticing breakfasts, colorful antipasti and mezzo platters to zesty, appetizing seafood, meats and poultry, readers of all skill levels will have well-rounded options for accessible, eye-catching meals that will astound their families and friends.

Each recipe contains a guide on spices and flavor profiles, taking readers on a taste journey through the Levantine, North African and European regions of the Mediterranean. What is more, Hanady includes an index of basic fridge and pantry staples such as oils, fresh vegetables and grains, so readers always have fundamental ingredients on hand to create meals that look impressive, but take no time or effort at all. 

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