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Sourdough Baking: A Treatise (Thomas Teffri-Chambelland)


A reference for all professionals in the sector, "Sourdough Baking: A Treatise" is the baker's new essential tool. With volume 1, Thomas Teffri-Chambelland provides the general public for the first time with the theoretical knowledge needed to better understand bread-making phenomena.

The biology of flour, salt and water, the biology and analysis of sourdough, the analysis of the structure and nutritional qualities of sourdough bread: all these subjects are illustrated with diagrams and dealt with in a pedagogical manner to give you all the fundamental bases for baking. The second volume will accompany you throughout your baking practice as a professional or amateur.

You will discover a technical description of the different stages of bread-making as well as numerous recipes for sourdough breads based on wheat and rye flours and gluten-free flours such as rice and buckwheat. You will also find recipes for sourdough pastries, including the famous panettone. In total, more than 35 recipes with illustrated step-by-step instructions.