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A Book of Majoon Recipes (Pesha Sloane)


This cook booklet refers to an age-old preparation of a Moroccan cannabis-based fruit and nut concoction called majoon, or majoun, or ma'jahn (made known in the west as a hash brownie when it was discovered in a 1954 cookbook by Alice B. Toklas) that the author felt was due a historical and cultural  spotlight. 

A Book of Majoon Recipes features an essay by Ira Cohen and anecdotes and 20+ recipes for Moroccan cannabis-based sweets from beat generation and culinary icons, including Brion Gysin (the originator of the recipe in Toklas's cookbook, Ira Cohen, Ahmed Yacoubi, Paul Bowles, and Paula Wolfert. Also included are dosage charts and information about decarboxylation (heating or roasting to activate the herb) and overconsumption. 

As the author says in her introduction: Enjoy your life.