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*Pre-order* Belly Full: Exploring Caribbean Cuisine through 11 Fundamental Ingredients and over 100 Recipes (Lesley Enston) *Signed*


Expected Sep 10, 2024. Available for pre-order now! 

Specially designed bookplate mounted inside! 

A delectable exploration of Caribbean cuisine through 105 recipes based on eleven staple ingredients, featuring powerful insights into the shared history of the diaspora and gorgeous photography.

Across the English-speaking Caribbean, "me belly full" can mean more than just a satisfied stomach, but a heart and soul that's full too. In 
Belly Full, food writer of Trinidadian descent Lesley Enston brings us into the overlapping histories of the Caribbean islands through their rich cultures and cuisines.

Eleven staple ingredients—beans, calabaza, cassava, chayote, coconut, cornmeal, okra, plantains, rice, salted cod, and scotch bonnet peppers—hold echoes of familiarity from one island to the next, and their widespread use comes in part from the harrowing impact of the Atlantic Slave Trade and colonialism. As Lesley delves into how history shaped each country and territory's cuisine, she shows us what we can learn from each island (such as Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Trinidad & Tobago, and Cuba) and encourages us to celebrate the delicious differences.

Belly Full provides basic knowledge on choosing, storing, and preparing these ingredients as well as a mix of traditional and creative adaptations to dishes. Recipes are mostly gluten-free and plant-based and include:

  • CornmealPen Mayi from Haiti and Conkies from Barbados
  • Okra: Callaloo from Trinidad and Tobago and Fungee from Antigua
  • Plantains: Mofongo from Puerto Rico and Tortilla de Plátano Maduro from Cuba
  • Salted Cod: Ackee and Saltfish from Jamaica and Accras de Morue from Martinique

Belly Full, with its breadth of stories, recipes, and stunning photography, will leave your stomach and heart more than satisfied.