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*Sale* My Feast With Peter Kuruvita: Recipes from the Islands of the South Pacific, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the Philippines (Peter Kuruvita)

Take the route less traveled and go on a journey of flavors through the Pacific to Sri Lanka, a small region bursting with cultural diversity and exciting, exotic cuisines. In My Feast, Peter explores the spirit and rich culture of Sri Lanka, the Philippines, the Cook Islands, Indonesia, and Vanuatu and shares the secrets of their unique cuisines. Broken into seven chapters and categorized by type of food rather than geography, this book is a dynamic exploration of the island nations. Sample delicious barbecued pork belly skewers, Jaffna-style crab curry, twice-cooked spiced duck, and the spicy, bold flavors of deviled tuna, and top it all off with a Sri Lankan banana split. Stunning location photography, enticing food shots, and recipes bursting with flavor make My Feast a book for the senses.