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Ways of Eating: Exploring Food through History and Culture - Volume 81 California Studies in Food and Culture (Benjamin Aldes Wurgaft, Merry White)


Join us for Benjamin and Merry's author talk on March 18 at 6:30 pm. If you would like a signed copy, please leave us a note at check out and we'll ship your order after the event! 

"The intricate ways in which human history is formed by food are catacombs full of stories, waiting to be exposed, unraveled, and told. Benjamin Wurgaft and Merry White's vignettes and chapters are full to the brim with food and drink, which are the facts of life. Ways of Eating is a thrilling ride into the human spirit."

—Yotam Ottolenghi, James Beard Award–winning author

Based on years of observation, ethnographic fieldwork, and countless shared meals, Wurgaft & White explore how our foods reach our plates and how every bite is part of a complex web of social meaning and value. With vivid storytelling, Panamanian coffee growers, medieval women beer makers, and Japanese knife forgers bring food practices to life. From the Venetian spice trade to the Columbian Exchange, from Roman garum to Vietnamese nớc chấm, from the origins of agriculture to contemporary debates over culinary authenticity, Wurgaft and White mix historical deep dives with food anthropology, add in personal vignettes and delicious details of food travels, and nourish you with new ways to understand food and the social rules that shape our meals.