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52 Shabbats: Friday Night Dinners Inspired by a Global Jewish Kitchen (Faith Kramer) *Signed*


Signed bookplate mounted inside!

52 Shabbats is for 30-somethings who are starting to nest and follow the weekly ritual of shabbat. The book will have 75 recipes and will include suggestions for combining them with purchased convenience foods or other simple recipes to provide the reader with 52 menus for a year of shabbats. Essays throughout will talk about shabbat and how it fits into modern family's lives and how to embrace this ancient tradition and make it relevant for today.

Recipes will be reinterpreted for today's tastes; for example, a traditional beef brisket might be spiced with tamarind or BBQ sauce, and there's room for a meal that's built around Trader Joe's products. It's the intent that's important; not the strict adherence to what's been done in the past.

The author will tread lightly on any deep research into the history and depths of the Jewish diaspora, but instead will focus on how to bring shabbat into the homes of young Jewish families. The recipes will include a range of difficulty from really easy to challenging. Also, there may be instances where recipes debunk techniques that are thought to be too hard (e.g., how to handle phyllo dough).