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Adapt: A Unique Pastry Concept (Richard Hawke)

ADAPT: a Unique Pastry Concept is the first professional pastry book of Chef Richard Hawke published by ICEP. In this 220-page book Richard invites you into the world of GLUTEN, GLUTEN-FREE, LACTOSE-FREE and VEGAN pastries, step-by-step revealing his new, revolutionary pastry concept – ADAPT.

The journey starts with explaining the role of ingredients in recipes, a whole Theory Section starting with classic ingredients used in pastry, from gelatin, eggs and butter to plant-based options like different types of pectins and proteins. You want to make a shortbread without lactose? Replace gelatin or butter in vegan recipes? Or replace gluten in shortbreads and choux pastry? Perhaps macarons without egg whites? There is no shortage of advice. Richard explains the why and how of ingredients and their interactions.

The book guides you through over 200 base recipes presented in 4 different options. You'll have gluten, gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan versions of shortbreads, sponges, choux pastry, creams, fruit-coulis, mousses, glazes and enrobing, making it easy to translate your most used recipes into versions adapted to each food intolerance.

With ingredients presented in both percentages and grams, you'll find it easier to understand and adopt recipes.