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Masaleydaar: Classic Indian Spice Blends (Nandita Godbole) *Signed*


Masaleydaar answers an age-old question: If not curry powder, what do Indian kitchens use? 

‘Masaleydaar: Classic Indian Spice Blends’ explores India’s many gastronomic regions through more than 36 regionally unique spice blends offering more than a hundred recipes, and is the only cookbook of its kind to spotlight regional Indian cooking.

Masaleydaar is every Indian grandma’s spice recipes, for keeps.

Godbole’s seventh cookbook Masaleydaar explores India’s complex gastronomic regions, one spice blend at a time. Masaleydaar guides & empowers readers to customize homestyle Indian regional Indian spice blends & dishes, with techniques for shelf-stable powdered spice blends like Rajasthani Garam Masala, Bongoli Gorom Masala and more. Explore fresh spice-pastes like Thecha, Kashaundi, Besera paste etc, Every page of Masaleydaar transports readers into a different regional Indian kitchen. Explore historical contexts, ecologies and spices that shape its kitchens. Masaleydaar has more than 100 delectable classic & inspired Indian recipes suited for every modern dinner table.

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