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Magazine F Nº 2: Cheese


In this issue:

INTO THE ORIGIN: Global cheese meccas bursting with intrigue and sundry flavors

THE ARTISAN STORY: Traditional Artisan - Montgomery’s from Britain and La Borie Haute from France: the true integrity of traditional artisanal cheese. Modern Artisan: Graindorge, an iconic French artisanal cheese combining modern technology and traditional recipes

Mass Production: Hilmar Cheese Company of America, proof of the upgraded quality and status of processed cheese

Coexistence: Allevatori Bufalini Casertani (ABC) of Italy, an economic community connected by cheese

INTERVIEW: Sébastien Bras - Sébastien Bras, owner-chef of Le Suquet and founder of a revolutionary culinary trend that breaks restaurant industry conventions

David Breeden - David Breeden, chef de cuisine of French Laundry and successor to the infamous Thomas Keller

ON THE TABLE: Savory cheese platters presented by restaurants around the world

F LAB: Cheese experiments by ChefSteps, a group exploring innovative cooking technology and ingredients

USER SCENE: Four turophiles share tips on pairing cheese, food, and beverages

F CUT: An aesthetic perspective on the colorful shapes, textures, and varieties of cheese

USER SCENE: Four gourmets share how they most enjoy salt

NEW WAVE OF CHEESE: Soyoung Kim - Soyoung Kim, owner of Andante Dairy and acclaimed cheese master in America

Benton Brown & Susan Boyle - Benton Brown & Susan Boyle, co- owners of Crown Finish Caves, a cheese aging facility in Brooklyn, NY

RETAIL: Artisanal cheese shops run by passionate cheese mongers

EXTENDED: All different slicers used for all different cheeses

REFERENCES: Books recommended by cheese experts and chefs