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Magazine F Nº 4: Tomato


In this issue:

THE LAND OF MEDITERRANEAN: Farm Sapori Vesuviani protects an heirloom plant via a natural circulation farming technique and traditional storage methods

A GUIDE TO TOMATOES: Database of characteristics and flavors of various tomato varieties

PROCESSED TOMATOES: Gustarosso by Dani Coop - A processed tomato brand in Campania, Italy that boasts over a century of history

Wilkin & Sons Tiptree - A UK-based brand famous for its ketchups with flavors of fresh ingredients and increased shelf life

ACADEMIC MANUAL: A selection of facts about the tomato, which has become an indicator to track culinary trends thanks to its use around the world, anecdotes, and its role in science

F LAB: Research conducted in different countries that demonstrates the endless potential of the tomato

INTERVIEW: Ernesto Iaccarino - Owner-Chef Ernesto Iaccarino oversees a farm-to-table system in his restaurant Don Alfonso 1890. Gennaro Esposito - Gennaro Esposito, owner-chef of Torre del Saracino, presents seasonal and nature-inspired dishes

ON THE TABLE: Creative tomato-based dishes from around the world, ranging from sauces to entrées

F CUT: Observe the unadulterated shapes, colors, and cross sections of crushed or sliced tomatoes

INNOVATOR: Woowa Brothers CEO Bongjin Kim, developer of the association between fried chicken and delivery service that shifted the paradigm of the food delivery platform

INTERVIEW: Sophien Kamoun, fellow of the Royal Society and pioneer of gene editing technology for plants

USER SCENE: A peek into the daily lives of tomato lovers in their own ways

RETAIL: New trends reflected in organic grocery stores in major cities around the world

MARKET: Types and brands of tomato sauces and ketchups on market shelves

REFERENCES: Books and videos recommended by chefs and experts on food culture