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Magazine F Nº 6: Chocolate


In this issue:

BEAN TO BAR: The story of chocolate making in the Dominican Republic, a major cacao-producing nation, and the US, the birthplace of bean-to-bar chocolate

A GUIDE TO CHOCOLATE: Cacao varieties, how to read chocolate labels, and other insider knowledge on the dynamic world of chocolate

9 CHOCOLATIERS: The world’s top nine chocolatiers from master artisans to young experts discuss the meaning of chocolate and their gourmet philosophies

ACADEMIC MANUAL: All about chocolate, a universal dessert food that can be found in every corner of the world

CHOCOLATE TOUR IN LONDON: A pilgrimage of artisan chocolate shops in London with chocolate expert Jennifer Earle

MASS-PRODUCED CHOCOLATE: Household name brands and their signature products that have contributed to the popularization of chocolate

ON THE TABLE: Global hot spots for chocolate fiends where taste, flavor, and texture of chocolate is reinvented

INTERVIEW: Megan Giller - Author of Bean to Bar Chocolate shares her thoughts on the culture and future of chocolate

RETAIL: Independent brands selling delicately crafted chocolate, from selecting quality cacao beans to trendy packaging

F CUT: Sensational packaging that has become the face of entire brands

GUILTY PLEASURE: A peek into the pantries of chocolate collectors who indulge in the small pleasures of everyday life

HISTORIC BRANDS: A list of well-established brands that continue to preserve tradition through the ages

REFERENCES: Books and movies recommended by chocolatiers and chocolate experts