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Magazine F Nº 8: Honey


In this issue:

AWAKENING: The crisis of honeybees in the media

HONEY ISLAND: Pierre Carli : A traditional Corsican beekeeper rearing queen bees himself

Alain Valentini : An entrepreneur promoting Corsican honey with premium honey products and partnerships with renowned cosmetics brands

IN CORSICA: Art’è Gustu, a gastronomic festival focused on Corsican culinary culture

ALL ABOUT BEES: Facts about the ecosystem of honeybees, the most fascinating creatures in the world

ACADEMIC MANUAL: Stories about honey from historical events and traditional beekeeping practices to the latest trends

URBAN BEEKEEPING: The status quo of urban beekeeping across business, welfare, and public benefits

INTERVIEW: Fabio Bragagnolo : A chef who infuses local Corsican specialties and culinary culture into classic French and Italian dishes

INTERVIEW: Michael Bartocetti: A pastry chef who creates top-quality desserts with a curious combination of ingredients

F CUT: Moments that capture symbiotic relationships between bees and honey plants

INTERVIEW: Tamara Kotevska & Ljubomir Stefanov : Co-directors of Honeyland, a documentary that raises profound questions about sustainability

INTERVIEW: Hatidze Muratova : The main cast of Honeyland, who says bees are her family and lifeline

BEEKEEPERS: Urban beekeepers who seek lifestyle changes and meaning through looking after bees

ON THE TABLE: An array of creative recipes showcasing the many ways honey can jazz up food

RETAIL: Special shops that seek to diversity with premium products

MARKET: Honey and other related products consumed for a variety of purposes

REFERENCES: Books and movies recommended by honey producers and experts