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Magazine F Nº 18: Coffee


Making morning possible for billions of people every single day, coffee is more than just a way to greet the morning. Magazine F: Long loved by people all over the world, coffee has been shaped by the culture of the countries and cities in which it is enjoyed worldwide.  It’s variety of flavors, determined by soil, climate and farming methods, brings many different personalities to each cup.

For ages, people around the world have loved coffee, a beverage on which countless cultures have been built. Each coffee variety responds to terroir and production conditions, and like fashion, these nuances are indicators of individual preferences of coffee lovers. Before the green beans nestled inside the coffee cherries can be served up as hot beverages, they must pass through the hands of farmers, roasters, and baristas, who comprise an industry valued at over USD 100 billion worldwide. Coffee culture wields enormous influence on lifestyle and adjacent industries. Today, great coffee experiences are being redefined by the movement to produce and consume coffee in a sustainable way as well as fair trade, which secures proper price points for coffee products.