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Magazine F Nº 21: Ramyun


This issue of Magazine F focuses on ramen!

After rice, ramen is a staple for billions. We investigate how this simple combination of prepared flour and water has become so essential to so many.

In a broad sense, ramen is called ramen, which is a form of instant food such as noodles in soup, and in Korea, instant food such as bag ramen or cup noodles, serves as a barometer that shows the diversity of food culture, mainly in Asia. Especially in the case of instant ramen, it is considered the greatest invention in human history because of water and ramen, and dissatisfaction, anyone can easily control the cooking process and taste the same taste of ramen.

Japanese ‘Ramen’, which is called the end of ramen, is changing the form of broth and continues to develop into a representative regional delicacy, but Korean instant ramen is rapidly reflecting the needs of consumers and food-to-eating trends, product development and recipe proposals are being incorporated as part of cooking.