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Magazine F Nº 3: Chicken


In this issue: 

THE FUTURE FARM: Iverstine Farms models the future of eco-friendly ranching in which nature and cattle harmoniously coexist

ON THE STREET: Highly trendy chicken dishes at food festivals

SOUL FOOD: New Orleans, USA - From a food of the slaves to a soul food—the evolution of fried chicken in New Orleans

Kingston, Jamaica - Jerk chicken, a food of freedom connected to the healing of the historical wounds in Jamaica

Delhi, India - The only permitted meat in India, a heterogeneous society where a multitude of religions and cultures intersect

BEHIND THE SCENES: On location stories with Wookjung Lee, Korean television documentary director known best for his Food Odyssey series

ACADEMIC MANUAL: Interesting facts on chicken, an ingredient that has had a profound impact on culinary culture and many other domains ranging from religion and science to industrial sectors

INTERVIEW: Mark Hix - Mark Hix, owner-chef of Tramshed that is renowned for simple, yet bold and artistic cuisine

Antoine Westermann - Antoine Westermann, owner-chef of Le Coq Lico who remains humble when handling food

ON THE TABLE: Restaurants across the globe that add modern twists on traditional recipes to create distinctive flavors

F CUT: A glimpse at the symbiotic relationship between humans and chickens

INNOVATOR: Woowa Brothers CEO Bongjin Kim, developer of the association between fried chicken and delivery service that shifted the paradigm of the food delivery platform

CHIMMELIER: A contest for fried chicken enthusiasts and evidence of the food’s popularity in Korea

A KOREAN FEAST: History of Korean fried chicken that ranges from the dissemination of broilers and chimaek’s status as a national pastime to the re-exportation of chicken recipes

REFERENCES: Books and videos recommended by chefs and experts on food culture