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Magazine F Nº 5: Rice


In this issue:

DESTINATION: Diverse beauty of rice paddies that vary by geographical features and lifestyles

INTO THE ORIGIN: Religious philosophy and community values embedded in Balinese rice terraces

RICE ROAD: From Indonesia - Indonesian rice dishes in Bali infused with time-honored traditions and spirit

To Japan - History and meaning of rice as seen through iconic rice dishes of Japan

ACADEMIC MANUAL: History, traditions, and trends of rice— a rising transitional food to substitute flour and meat

INTERVIEW: Henry Alexie Bloem - An Indonesian cuisine master who skillfully integrates the colors of Bali into a dish of rice

Tobio Fukumoto - A modest Japanese sushi master who has maintained a Michelin star for 11 years for elaborate details

ON THE TABLE: Global rice recipes that reinvigorate the charms of rice

EXPERIMENT: Simple but tricky rice cooking secrets by Eunjung Ko, instructor at a cooking school on Mount Jirisan

F CUT: Indigenous rice varieties harvested across the eight provinces of Korea

THE FUTURE OF RICE: Native rice breeds and the instant rice market: turning points for the future of Korean rice

INTERVIEW: Atsuo Otsuka - CEO of Okomeya, presenting a new lifestyle through rice

USER SCENE: The tables of three people from three different cities who all live on rice

RETAIL: Worldwide rice shops introducing healthy, delicious products that shift paradigms on the taste of rice

MARKET: Processed rice products equipped with taste, quality, and marketability

REFERENCES: Books and videos about rice and agriculture recommended by Magazine F editors