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Magazine F Nº 7: Vinegar


In this issue:

INTO THE ORIGIN: Exploring Modena and Reggio Emilia, home of the only true traditional balsamic vinegar consortia

CONVERSATION: Massimo Bottura : This master of Italian cuisine says balsamic vinegar is a perfect food and tradition that runs in his blood

CONVERSATION: Laura Galli Morandi : Dedicating herself to restoring and revamping traditional Modena dishes, this leading chef uses balsamic vinegar in every dish

ACADEMIC MANUAL: Everything about vinegar from historical facts and factoids to brands reflecting the latest market trends

CRAFTS OF VINEGAR: Independent brands and their experimental endeavors that push the envelope of traditional vinegar crafting

F LAB: Vinegar crafting, a new trend in home brewing

INTERVIEW: Konstantin Filippou : Meet a star chef rising in the Austrian culinary scene, acclaimed for his fierce dedication and research

INTERVIEW: Heinz Reitbauer : Talking with one iconic master chef of the famously diverse Viennese cuisine

F CUT: The infinite potential of natural ingredients as seen through the colors of vinegar

ON THE TABLE: Gastronomic scenes where vinegar boosts conviviality to a dish

ENTHUSIASTS: Vinegar book authors and experts share tips on how to use vinegar

INTERVIEW: Erwin Gegenbauer : The king of vinegar forecasts the future of the industry

RETAIL: Introducing vinegar shops worldwide offering everything from traditional to craft vinegar products

MARKET: A list of popular vinegars today

REFERENCES: Books and movies recommended by vinegar makers and experts