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Magazine F Nº 9: Curry


In this issue:

OVERVIEW: Definition of curry

CURRY UNIVERSE / PART 1: Historic : Landmark, time-honored curry houses. Transition : The versatility of curry as seen in curry shops

ACADEMIC MANUAL: Fascinating historical facts, common knowledge, and figures about curry

INTERVIEW: Bee Satongun : Chef Bee Satongun offers a modern interpretation of Thai traditions and history

INTERVIEW: Atul Kochhar: Chef Atul Kochhar uses spices to fuse together British and Indian traditions

F CUT: Spices, the essence of the vast gastronomic world of curry

CURRY UNIVERSE / PART 2. Fine Dining : Curry, a sophisticated dish. New Wave : Curry across the cultures

F LAB: Exploration into how onions can transform curry

INTERVIEW: Shinichiro Ogawa, Yuka Torii, Yoshimichi Tanaka : CEOs of 36 Chambers of Spice, a game changer in the Japanese heatand- eat curry market

INTERVIEW: Jinsuke Mizuno : Curry expert and CEO of a spice subscription company

CURRYOGRAPHERS: Ardent enthusiasts document every curry they encounter

RETAIL: Special shops that seek to diversity with premium products

KOREAN CURRY: Development of the remarkable flavor and trademark color

MARKET: Packaged curry products from around the world

REFERENCES: Books recommended by curry aficionados and experts