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The Rancho Gordo Pozole Book (Steve Sando) *Signed*


"Pozole is one of the great iconic dishes of the world. I believe it to be on par with paella, cassoulet, pho, and chili con carne. It can be made modestly for a weeknight dinner, with enough leftovers for a terrific lunch. But it's really a showstopper, designed to be enjoyed with a crew of people you love. For some of us, the mere idea of pozole puts us in a good mood."  —Steve Sando, author of The Rancho Gordo Pozole Book

Based on years of cooking, studying, and enjoying pozole in all its forms, Steve Sando guides us through the fascinating history and ingredients of this iconic dish. He shares over 20 traditional and non-traditional recipes for red, green, and white pozoles from different regions of Mexico and the American southwest.