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Bachour Gastro (Antonio Bachour)


Bachour Gastro presents 52 unpublished sweet and savory creations, in a format designed to be eaten in just two bites,  accompanied by recipes, step-by-step photos, tips, and the author’s advice .

Bachour Gastro is structured in three blocks: Inspiration, which proposes versions of the great classics of universal pastry (Paris-Brest, Saint Honoré, Black Forest); Creation, which brings together recipes inspired by his travels to different countries, with fruit, spices, nuts, and chocolate as the main ingredients, and Brunch, which presents mainly savory preparations to savor between breakfast and lunch, such as a bagel-sandwich, a quiche with croissant dough, or some stuffed bomboli. All the products have a reduced format and have a very culinary spirit, of a freshly made product to enjoy at the moment, which is very much in line with the latest trends that are gaining the most success around the world.