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Baby Food Bible: A Nourishing Guide to Feeding Your Family, From First Bite and Beyond (Julia Tellidis, Lauren Skora)


Baby Food Bible is a recipe book featuring more than 100 nutritionist approved meals and snacks for your little one, from first bite and beyond. 

Written by a qualified nutritionist and a baby nutrition consultant, Julia Tellidis and Lauren Skora, the recipes in this book have been carefully considered to support your little one through key developmental milestones, while also providing easy and balanced meals for the whole family to enjoy. 

Starting with the basics, this book will teach you how to begin your baby's food journey with a mix of purees and advice for baby-led weaning. Explainers are provided along the way, covering food safety, choking and how to safely introduce common allergens to your baby's diet.

You'll be guided on how to create a balanced plate with the essential nutrients your child needs for development. From breakfast to pram pleasers, lunchboxes and even sweets this book will show you how to create adventurous eaters from the very beginning, while also ensuring you can still get those greens into even the fussiest of eaters.

Feel empowered to make healthier choices with 
Baby Food Bible. This is is the only recipe book you will ever need to feed your child.