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*Pre-order* Matty Matheson: Soups, Salads, Sandwiches (Matty Matheson) *Signed*


Expected Oct. 22, 2024. Available for pre-order now! Specially designed bookplate signed by Matty mounted inside  

Chances are you’ve eaten a soup, salad, or sandwich in the past day (or maybe all three). This trio makes up so many of our meals but is rarely given the attention it deserves–until now. Matty Matheson, known for his bold, innovative flavors, has created a cookbook that will revolutionize how you think of these kitchen basics. This book is for anyone and everyone, offering up Matty’s signature twists on the classics, delivered with minimal effort for maximum flavor.

Find your favorite combination by mixing and matching dishes like:

  • Soups: Giant Meatball Soup in Beefy Tomato Broth; Crab Congee; Creamy Sausage Soup with Rapini and Tortellini; Caldo de Pollo
  • Salads: Everyone’s Mom’s Macaroni and Tuna Salad; Griddled Salami Panzanella Salad; Peaches with Goat Cheese, Mint, Honeycomb, and Olive Oil
  • Sandwiches: Cubano; Italian Combo; Sun Warmed Tomato; Banana Bread French Toast with Fried Egg, Peameal Bacon, and Maple Syrup

Packed with character, personal stories, scrumptious recipes, and vivid photographs of a day-in-the-life with Matty and his family, Soups, Salads, Sandwiches will have you fearlessly whipping up your own combinations in the kitchen.