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The Ultimate Book of Barbecue Sauces: American Classics and International Favorites (Sterling Smith)


Sweet or tangy, spicy or mild, barbecue is all about the sauce—and this cookbook shows you how to make your own from scratch! Taste familiar sauces and new flavors alike as you dig into bold ingredients and become the master of backyard cookouts.

What sets this BBQ sauce cookbook apart:

  • Secrets of the sauce—Start with a quick intro that covers the major American barbecue sauce styles and includes expert tips for making sauces at home.
  • A world of flavor—Whip up 60 barbecue sauces, rubs, and marinades from the states and around the globe, then put them to the test with 15 simple meal recipes where these sauces are the star.
  • Next-level barbecue—Learn how to pair sauces with different meats, fish, and veggies for results that bring everyone back for seconds.

Create a huge range of homemade sauces that elevate any barbecue dish with The Ultimate Book of Barbecue Sauces.