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The Little Book of Singapore Food Illustrated: Our Favourite Treats from A to Z (Emily Yeo, Benjamin Wang)



A fun illustrated book that provides an informative journey through some of Singapore’s most popular dishes, from traditional favorites to trendy foods that have become staples.

The Little Book of Singapore Food Illustrated invites you to explore the colorful variety of food that makes up the Singaporean palate. Whether you’re a food noob or enthusiast, this illustrated cookbook promises a quick, fun and drool-worthy journey through some of the little island’s most popular foods.

The dishes range from time-tested hawker fare and trendy foods that have quickly become Singaporean staples, to nostalgic treats that bring back fond childhood memories, including:
• chicken rice
• wanton mee
• ang ku kueh
• vadai
• bubble tea
• egg tarts
• iced gem biscuits
• keropok
• roti jala

Informative headnotes tell the stories behind the dishes and detailed illustrated steps show the techniques behind each creation.