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Street Food: The Heart of Mediterranean Cooking (Simona El-Harar)


“Street food is in my blood. I love its direct appeal to the senses without pretension. It is down to earth and that’s what draws me. To eat something with my hands is a true pleasure. Simple and delicious: that’s my philosophy of food.” - Simona.

Today, street food has become known for more than just being a cheap way to eat. It is also recognized as a type of food that can be packed with flavor and uses the best ingredients. In 75 recipes, Simona El-Harar takes us on a journey of flavors through Mediterranean street food from its simplest forms to its more complex ones. She explains where many of the different dishes come from - Turkey, Tunisia, Israel, or many other countries - and how these different dishes have impacted her life and her cooking. She guides us through recipes so that we can reproduce them in our own kitchen.

The recipes have been grouped into five broad categories: meat, fish, vegetarian, breads and sweets, and condiments and snacks. Classic babka, Moroccan meat cigars, Hamentaschen cookies, pomegranate water ice, or sensational hummus with broad beans, all the dishes will make your mouth water and will make you want to cook them for your loved ones.