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The Vegetarian Parsi: Inspired by Tradition (Niloufer Mavalvala)

This cookbook celebrates creatively unique ways to cook with vegetables, eggs, and cheese. It is not intended for strict vegetarians or to convert anyone to becoming one!

Food speaks volumes about the culture and heritage of a community. And cookbooks are an art form that add to and illustrate our history. The Vegetarian Parsi, with its simple yet elegant presentation has a certain je ne sais quoi that I hope readers will find charming.  With distinctive Parsi flavours, these are vegetarian recipes showcasing our ancient Parsi cuisine at its best.

The book begins by sharing inspirational stories about an ancient cuisine that has remained frozen in time. From grandmothers to the generations to come, Parsi cooking has continued to be, in essence, much the same. Wonderfully prepared, simple fare that has flavours and health benefits beyond our general knowledge, taken for granted over generations.

The Vegetarian Parsi is divided into five chapters. From the grand old legends of Parsi teatime snacks like bhakrasbatasas, and khatai to the much looked forward mohnu samarvanu-to cleanse the palate at the end of each meal. A flood of eggs is to be expected in any Parsi cookbook, and this one has plenty. Tarkari ni tokri -vegetable basket and a chapter on rice and lentils completes the index.

Beautifully clicked pictures for every recipe, make this cookbook prettier. It has the magical effect of transporting you back in time to show you what each food will look like and how to serve it elegantly!  Last but not least, are the tips. 

This book is part of a series of Parsi cookbooks published with the same goal in mind: to ensure that the legacy of Parsi cooking lives on for the next century and beyond.