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Profumo di Biscotti (Rossella Venezia)


NOTE: This book is in Italian.

The scent of biscuits awakens memories: parties, snacks and anniversaries re-emerge from the labyrinth of memory in the wake of their aroma, punctuated by hints of sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and toasted almonds. It is a perfume that manages to make the most diverse places "home" and, as this book demonstrates, preparing and giving these little ambassadors of good humor can be as pleasant as munching on them.

Divided into five sections, this book offers soft and crumbly biscuits for breakfast, buttery and delicate shortbreads for tea time, greedy and colorful shapes for snacks, rustic biscuits to be enjoyed in the open air and in the countryside, biscuits prepared with alternative flours for balanced health and spiced and decorated biscuits, perfect for Christmas.