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Magazine F Nº 19: Whiskey



Essay: The very private records of enthusiasts

On Islay: Navigating Islay, Scotland, the island of whiskey

Whiskey Bible: Whiskey basics from varieties to labels

Academic Manual: Facts on whiskey including historical records, information, latest trends, and more

F Cut: Beautiful tools used with whiskey

Interview: Mark Donald, The chef of the Glenturret Lalique Restaurant expresses the philosophy of the time-honored distillery through his dishes

Companions: The secret people behind the industry

New Wave: Independent bottlers and fledgling distilleries that challenge the traditional industry

Fine Spirited: Prominent bars and bartenders in the fine liquor market

Whiskey Holic: The life of aficionados

Interview: Mardonn Chua, A chat with founder of Endless West, a startup using molecular science 

Fable Whisky: The gpstudio and Calum Lawrie, cofounder of independent brand Fable Whisky, encapsulate diverse genres and arts in their spirits

Retail: Whiskey shops where you can find what you like

Market: Products made with whiskey

References: Interesting books and video clips