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Mario Masia. Mas. Artisan Toppings and Marble Decoration for the Ice Cream

The master ice cream maker Mario Masiá debuts in the publishing world with his first book. Más is a publishing project that wants to reclaim the topping from an artisan and creative perspective. As an indisputable ally of ice cream, it is not only one of its main selling points, it is also what provides a much more attractive and complex tasting experience. The book gathers about a hundred recipes that revolve around perfect sub-zero pairings, based on very different toppings, as well as ice cream and artisanal sorbets. Combinations that continue being a sample of the versatility and potential of a complement called to have a much more relevant role in ice cream.

Más is the starting point of many other alliances between ice cream and toppings, as long as they have a common denominator, a criterion in their application and a prior study of their inclusion in the conditions in which they are exhibited and preserved.The book is structured in four major chapters that go over Solid Chocolate (stracciatella) and Comtessa; fruit and its possibilities (from the classic tutti-frutti to nitrogen); Marbling; and, finally, Chunks. Pastry components as universal as ganache and gianduja, contemporary gelling agents, lyophilized fruit, liquid nitrogen, common workshop tools such as silicone molds, guitar sheets, oven trays, and polyethylene frames, open a new playground for ice cream making.

Mario Masiá was captain of the Spanish Team which was the runner-up at the 2016 Ice Cream World Cup and Spain’s Ice Cream Champion in 2011. He heads Masiá Heladeros Artesanos, which has five establishments in Sant Vicent del Raspeig (Alicante), and a history that goes back to 1963.

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