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Book Club of California. Bonanza Banquets Menus, 1-12.


Banquets Keepsake Series Facsimiles of 12 illustrated menus of meals held in San Francisco during the gold rush period. Commentary by various writers, including M.F.K. Fisher, Lucius Beebe, Oscar Lewis, Ruth Teiser, and others. 6.5x10", loose on heavy cream colored paper with laid in keepsake copy of each menu; cloth portfolio, slipcase. 1 of a limited number printed by the Ward Ritchie Press. San Francisco: Book Club of California, 1950.

Menus are as follows: 1. Welcome Home Dinner given to Lt. James W. Carlin, U.S.N. 1889 2. Dinner Menu of the Palace Hotel, Wednesday, September 1879, with wine list. 3. Complimentary Banquet for Honor A Burlingame and the Chinese Ambassadors at the Lick House, Tuesday April 28, 1868. 4. Menu of the sixth annual dinner of the San Francisco Medical Benevolent Society, 1880. 5. Menu of Journalistic and Typographical Banquet at the French Rotisserie, Virginia city 1879 6. Bill of Fare and Wine List, St. Francis Hotel, January 18. 1850 7. Menu of Luncheon for the president of the United States Benjamin Harrison at Sutro Height April 27, 1891 8. Menu for the Grand Commander of California, Knights Templar, Occidental Hotel, 1864. 9. Bill of Fare for the Pacific Mail Steamship "Tennessee" November 23, 1851 10. Menu Free Lunch and Commercial Lunch of the Palace of Art, 1890 11. Programme and Bill of Fare Midway Plaisance Cafe and Vaudeville Theater week of July 3, 1899 12. Table d'Hote, Menu and Music Program for Blanco's November 1907. Fine in somewhat rubbed and faded portfolio & slipcase.