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(**PRE-ORDER**) (Baking) Chetna Makan. Chetna’s Easy Baking: with a twist of spice. SIGNED! EXPECTED SEPT. 6, 2022

hetna's popular and accessible style has charmed millions of people since her first appearance on our screens in The Great British Bake Off. Since then, she has written several bestselling cookbooks that combine her creative flavors with a love of simple Indian home cooking.

In this new collection, Chetna showcases delicious sweet and savory bakes which have easy-to-find ingredients and simple-to-follow methods, but a special flavor twist to make your bakes sing and shine. That could be a spice you might not expect, such as star anise in a tarte Tatin, a fusion of global incidences such as Masala Focaccia, or a twist on a classic, such as a drizzle cake dazzling with mango and ginger. Proving once again that simple baking methods are the best, Chetna's inspirational recipes are a joy to make and share with your favorite people. 

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