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Scandinavian from Scratch: A Love Letter to the Baking of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden (Nichole Accettola) *Signed*


Signed bookplate mounted inside.

In Scandinavia-comprised of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden-home baking provides a way to find comfort throughout the long, dark winters, drawing warmth from the oven and satisfaction from the meditative and nourishing act.

The summer before she attended the Culinary Institute of America, Nichole Accettola traveled to Denmark and fell in love with the people, the weather, and of course, the baking. After culinary school she married a Danish journalist, and lived in Copenhagen for fifteen years before returning to the United States to open her San Francisco-based cafe, Kantine, inspired by the pastries she'd enjoyed in Denmark. 

During her time in Copenhagen, Nichole combatted winter blues by baking with her Danish mother-in-law, learning how to churn out batches of scrumptious holiday cookies and filling tins with homemade nougats and caramels. She has adapted these recipes for the American kitchen but they are deeply rooted in Scandinavian tradition. In each of the book’s six sections, the recipes are listed from simplest to most complex, broken down into easy, comprehensive steps. Infused with Nichole's baking expertise and love for her cherished second home, 
Scandinavian From Scratch is an ode to Scandinavia and an indispensable guide to Scandinavian baking and culture.