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Cherry Bombe Issue Nº 25: The Icons Issue — Dr. Jessica B. Harris


The word “icon” gets thrown around a lot, but these three deserve the title, and all the flowers. They’ve contributed to the food world in countless ways through their work, their writings, and their activism. Jessica, Grace, and Madhur have changed lives, blazed trails, and shaped perspectives. We can’t wait for you to learn more about them in our new issue and encourage you to read their books and watch their programs.

Cherry Bombe Issue 25: The Icons Issue features three culinary superstars on the covers. This issue features Dr. Jessica B. Harris on the cover—a professor, author, and star of Netflix's High on the Hog (which is based on her novel of the same name).

Please note, while we have two different covers for Issue 21, the inside is exactly the same.